Styles Group



Leading acoustics and vibration specialists

Styles Group is a specialist acoustics and vibration consulting company based in Auckland. We work throughout New Zealand on a broad range of assignments, particularly acoustic design and assessments for resource consent and district plan preparation, peer reviews, and compliance monitoring, including preparation and presentation of expert legal testimony on noise and vibration-related matters.

We know that in our field reputation is everything. New Zealand is a small country; word gets around if you don’t live up to your professional promises. To ensure our outputs are always best-practice, we operate as a ‘community of experts’. Knowledge sharing and management is part of our daily routine.


About Us

At Styles Group we understand that in our sector, reputation is everything. We employ proven quality management and review practices to ensure our specialists apply excellent judgment and consistently live up to clients’ needs and expectations.

To support best-practice outputs, we have a flat structure and an open plan office that enables our ‘community of experts’ business strategy. Knowledge sharing and peer review is part of our daily routine.

Since Styles Group was established in 2005, we have grown steadily – adding new specialties in response to market demands. However it’s not our plan to continue expansion. We believe that our customers are best served by a team that’s big enough for large projects, but still small enough to work collaboratively and feel personally responsible for the quality of our research and reporting.

From our base in Auckland, Styles Group specialists work up and down the country with a wide network of people, from town planners and councils to architects and marine conservation groups. We have the capacity to undertake several major projects concurrently without compromising our high standards.



  • Providing clear answers to your questions; plain, simple language that you can understand
  • Properly integrating technical advice into the Resource Management Act framework
  • Consistent commitment to ‘do it once, do it right’ philosophy

Interesting facts:

  • Styles Group is on the Panel of Suppliers for technical expert services to the Environmental Protection Authority and numerous Teritorial Authorities
  • We are the preferred supplier of acoustic advice to many large general consulting and architectural firms, councils, developers and planning practices


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