The New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health (NZIEH) is the foremost non-governmental environmental health organisation in New Zealand.

It is the professional body that represents those engaged in the environmental health and health protection fields. Members are drawn primarily drawn from professionals working in District Health Boards, Central and Local Government. Other members work in the armed forces and in private industry.

The Institute is governed by a National Council made up from regionally elected National Councillors, the President and Vice-President and Executive Director.

The positions of National Councillor, President and Vice-President are elected from full members.

The Executive Director is appointed by the National Council and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Institute.

Each members is assigned to a regional centre, unless based overseas. Each regional centre elects its own president, secretary and committee. They also elect a national councillor to sit on the National Council. 

The Institute is actively involved in promoting an awareness of current and emerging environmental health issues. It is also involved in providing submissions to government and is represented on a number of policy and standards committees.

The Institute has a long and proud heritage, it was founded in 1920. It is a member of the International Federation of Environmental Health.

Professional communication is important - the NZIEH encourages local and regional meetings and provides an annual conference covering a wide range of topical issues and both members and non-members may attend. It also hosts an on-line discussion forum for members.